Christina Wodtke

It’s Complicated – Designing in The Age Of Emergence


The problem with unexpected consequences is that they are unexpected. The time of “move fast and break things” is over, as we have broken everything from hearts to democracy.

It’s time for designers, along with their partners – engineers and business – to embrace a new long term approach to bringing change into the world, that focuses less on disruption and more on evolution. In this talk, Christina will explore various approaches to designing more robust and compassionate change.

About Christina

Christina has helped grow companies like LinkedIn, Yahoo, Zynga, the New York Times and numerous startups throughout Silicon Valley. She’s the author of the business fable book Radical Focus, which uses the power of story to build a new approach to OKRs. Christina currently teaches at Stanford in the HCI program in Computer Science. She speaks worldwide about humanity, teamwork, and the journey to excellence. Find out more information (and get your Focus worksheet) at

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